Young Stellar Object

A Glacier Adrift



This set of beautifully hand-crafted soap was inspired by the masses of melting glaciers & icebergs in the Artic. Over time with each use, the soap "melts" & dissolves away like glaciers. It's a subtle reminder to be gentle to our environment & the impacts we cause. The idea brings awareness to what's currently happening to the Earth : effects of global warming, green house gases, & the impact of our waste on the planet.

A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to an Al Gore endorsed environmental charity - 1% for the Planet . . The Climate Reality .

. Comes in a Set of 3 | Large, Medium, Small | 1 - Polar Bear Mini
Our polar bear mini is generously sponsored by Safari Ltd.

. Will last from 4 to 8 months depending on use

. Hand-Made All Natural Glycerin Soap | Unisex Scent

.Colors & textures will vary on batches.

Concept & Design by William Lee

Please inquire about international shipping rates and we'll do our best to accommodate.